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The Newsletters

The group publishes a newsletter about twice a year. Articles include information on members researches, family tales, accounts of the annual group gatherings and more!

The group are always looking for articles and suggestions from members to include in future newsletter. Members who have a story they'd like to share (related to the Wests, of course) or any ideas, should contact

The newsletters are available to members only, free on issue and back copies are available at gatherings.

However the latest newsletter is available on our Members only page.

Newsletter 53 - Spring 2022

Edited by Peter Pretlove

- “Finding Psalm 117 - Laudate Dominum ~ A Tribute to Simon West” - by John Goldsmith

- “Our Faringdon Gathering June 2022” - by Margaret Edwards

- “Passing of an Era” - by Margaret Edwards

- “Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Doris Whitehorn” - by Margaret Edwards

- “1921 Census” - by Dick Pretlove

- “Stella’s Snippets” - by Stella Bond

- “More Mystery? -BLUE LINE’Pedigree Holders” - by Linda Moore

- “Was James Charles Whitmore Transmogrified in New Zealand” - by Tony Wilson

- “Frost Fairs” - submitted by Margaret Edwards - written by Chris Orton

- “Alice - Was she a Mercer or a Watts? or, A Charged Question?” - by Margaret Edwards

- “West Sussex Private School offers Bursaries to Prospective Twickenham Students” -

       Reprinted from the SW Londoner - 7 Dec 2021 - by Cameron Blackshaw

- “Nunhead Cemetery Diary Dates”

- “The Triennial Inspection of the New College’s City Walls” - by Peter Pretlove

- “Group Dairy Dates & Information”

- “Head Scratchings” - by Peter Pretlove

Newsletter 52 - Autumn 2021

Edited by Peter Pretlove

- “The Burial Mystery of Simon & Anne West” - by David Bartle

- “More Mystery - Calling All ‘BLUE LINE’ Pedigree Holders - by Linda Moore

- “Sheila Baker - The End of an Era” - by Margaret Edwards

- “The Faringdon Folly, Abrief History and a Link to J J R Tolkien” - by Martin Tranter

- “Stella’s Snippets” - by Stella Bond

- “The Charities of John and Frances West for Pensioners” - by Janet Young of Christ’s Hospital

- “Double Dutch?” - By Peter Pretlove

- “Peeping at the Past” - by Dick Pretlove

- “The Fowles of the Air and the Garloicks on the Ground in Kintbury” - by Tony Wilson

- “Who was Christopher Columbus?”

- “Head Scratchings” - by Peter Pretlove

Newsletter 51 - Spring 2021

Edited by Peter Pretlove

- “An Important Letter About Our Gatherings” - by Margaret Edwards

- “Old London Bridge & John & Frances West” - by David Bartle

- “What’s our Chairman been cooking up in Lockdown? - By Martin Tranter

- “Stella Snippets” - by Stella Bond

- “Paws for thought, or, Some ‘Accidental’ Family History during the Lockdown” - by Lindsey Dedden

- “Friends of Nunhead Cemetery (FONC)

- “What’s in a Name?” - by Stella Bond

- “More Masonry or, Thomas & Richard Mason of Vernham Dean” - by Craig Owen Jones

- “Our Darrell Connections” - by Margaret Edwards

- “Our Lockdown Treasures Trove” - by Claire Edwards

- “The Mayors of Newbury and the Newbury Mayoralty” - by Peter Pretlove

- “Inspirational Vision for Christ’s Hospital” - by Head Teacher - Simon Reid

- “Christ’s Hospital Theatre Refurbishment Now Complete!

- “Our Non-Gathering at Faringdon Last Year” - by Dick Pretlove

- “London Bridge is falling down, My-Fair-Lady!” - By Tony Wilson

- “Head Scratchings” - by Peter Pretlove

Newsletter 50 - Autumn 2020

Edited by Peter Pretlove

- “The Stock Market Household of John & Frances West” - by David Bartle

- “Stella’s Snippets” - by Stella Bond

- “Dr Bernard Worssam 1926 - 2020” - submitted by Richard Worssam

- “Journal of The Plague Year (penned in week 6 of the lockdown)” - by Dick Pretlove

- “Professor Trisha McGreggor MBE 1962 - 2020” - by Peter Pretlove

- “West of Guilford (or Weste of Guildeforde / Guldforde)” - by John Gouldsmith

- “Phyllis Wallbank MBE 1918 - 2020 & Montessori Schools” - by Peter Pretlove

- “Pricksongs at Christ’s Hospital” - by Nicholas Sexton

- “Take a look at this, Redpoll; You’ll never see the like of it again” - by Tony Wilson

- “Philanthropy, and all that!” - Christopher Wood

- “Chippenham Gatherings” - by Margaret Edwards

- “Head Scratchings” - by Peter Pretlove

Newsletter 49 - Spring 2020

Edited by Peter Pretlove

- “The Education of John West” - by David Bartle

- “West Bursary Fund at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham” by Clare Phillips - CH Director of Marketing

- “A Faringdon Resident - Milly Bryan at 95” - by Carolyn Gaught

- “No longer with us” - by Linda Moore

- “Our Faringdon Gathering” - by Margaret Edwards

- “Stella’s Snippets” - by Stella Bond

- “A Cautionary Tale, or 2+2 doesn’t make 5” - by Tony Randall

- “Sir Richard Choke” - submitted by Jill Weston

- “Group Diary Dates & Information”

- “Christ’s Hospital helps to build new classrooms in Kenya”

- “Head Scratchings” - by Peter Pretlove

Newsletter 48 - Autumn 2019

Edited by Peter Pretlove

 - “Hungerford - John O’Gaunt, Hocktide, Tutti Men & Cake” - by Dick Pretlove

 - “Voices from the Past” - by Tony Wilson

 - “Who was Gabriel Cox the Elder (1572 - 1638)? - By David Bartle

 - “Stella’s Snippets” - by Stella Bond

 - “The Big Tree - Our History” - by Derek Baker

 - “Our Fabulous New Publications!” - by Claire Edwards

 - “A New Sculpture in the City” - by Jill Weston

 - “A Surprise Connection to The Quinton Dormers or, More Luck Than Skill” - by Peter Pretlove

 - “Extracts From ‘Annals of Christ’s Hospital’ by E H Pearce” presented by Nicholas Sexton

 - “Head Scratchings” - by Peter Pretlove

Newsletter 47 - Spring 2019

Edited by Peter Pretlove

 - “Darrell’s Demise or, Our Visit to Littlecote House” - by Dick Pretlove

 - “A Great Uncle Remembered” - by Lucinda Andrews and edited by Martin Tranter

 - “Our Hungerford Gathering - Will we see YOU there?” by Margaret Edwards

 - “St John The Baptist, Wonersh (the location of our 2010 Gathering)” by John Gouldsmith

 - “50th Wedding Anniversary Photograph of My G.G.Grandparents” by Sylvia Sellwood

 - “Walking with the Mundys” by Tracey Piper

 - “Stella’s Snippets” by Stella Bond

 - “Remembering Days Gone By or, Gathering Gems” by Julia Heal

 - “DNA Disappointments, Revisions & Rediscoveries” by Michael Tanner

 - “Head Scratchings” - by Peter Pretlove


Newsletter 46 - Autumn 2018

Edited by Peter Pretlove

  - “A Westies’ Homeland - Our 2018 Gathering” - by Stella Bond

  - “Soupçons from the Secretary” - by Margaret Edwards

  - “Imber or, Imbertween the ‘Keep Out’ Signs” - by Caroline Gaught

  - “The Missing Link, or Another Mark on the Pedigree” - by Barry Smith

  - “A Tap on The Shoulder or,’Allo ‘Allo! Hurstbourne Tarrent” - by Margaret & John Burrows

  - “Betsy Gurney - Hit or Myth” - by Dick Pretlove

  - “Stella’s Snippets” by Stella Bond

  - “60th Anniversary & How Gerald’s Book Brought Us to the J&FWFG” - Marcia & Gerald Dancer (Submitted by Connie Morrell)

  - “DNA Inquires & Discoveries” - by Michael Tanner

  - “My DNA Reflections” - by Peter Matthews

  - “Born & Bread or Too Many Irons in the Fire?” - By Susan Irons - New Zealand

  - “Go Catch a Falling Star - or Not” - by Tony Wilson

  - “Servants of The Lord: Outdoor Staff at the Great Country Houses”

  - “Head Scratchings” - by Peter Pretlove

Newsletter 45 - Spring 2018

Edited by Peter Pretlove

  - “The Dormer Marbles - Monuments Looking Magnificent” - by Margaret Edwards

  - “Hurstbourne Tarrant - Here we come” - by Margaret Edwards

  - “Who do I think I am? Or My Experience of the Ancestry DNA Test” - by Dick Pretlove

  - “ Stella’s Snippets” - by Stella Bond

  - “The Benefaction Board from St Christopher Le Stocks”

  - “Platinum Pair Mark 70 years of marriage - 20th September 2017”

  - “Previous Endeavours”

  - “Head Scratchings” - by Peter Pretlove

Newsletter 44 - Autumn 2017

Edited by Peter Pretlove

   - “Corsham Confronted - On the Trail of the Hungerfords” by Martin Tranter

   - “Our Cosham Cousins” by Margaret Edwards

   - “The Charitable Nature of the Wests” by David Bartle

   - “The Dormer Marbles, An Update or Absolutely Marbellous” by Margaret Edwards

   - “St Bartholomew’s Hospital Benefactors” by Barry Smith

   - “A Mayoral Vein of In the Blood - Lindsey becomes Mayor of Verwood”

   - “Dying to have a look” by Peter Pretlove

   - “Farewell to John Franklin” - and edited extract from the Christ’s Hospital News July 2017

   - “Stella’s Snippets” by Stella Bond

   - “Lost in Cyber Space - A Plea to our Electronic Cousins - WE NEED YOUR CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS” - by Martin Tranter

   - “Family History, Family Mystery” by Tony Wilson

   - “Head Scratchings” by Peter Pretlove

   - Twelve pages of news in total!

Newsletter 43 - Spring 2017

Edited by Peter Pretlove

    -  “A New Look, or Enter Here…” by Peter Denny

    -  “Another Sprinkle of Garlick, or Charlotte and the Rosetta Mystery” by Tony Wilson

    -  “Corsham - The Hungerford Connection” by Margaret Edwards

    -  “Memories of Auntie Alice, or The Floral Tribute” by Elizabeth Baker

    -  “Christ’s Hospital School Appoints New Headmaster and Deputy”

    -  “Charles Lamb Birthday Celebration” by Peter Pretlove

    -  “Christ’s Hospital Master - The Secret Life of Professor Brinley Newton-John” by Sheila Baker

    -  And lots more in eight pages

Newsletter 42 - Autumn 2016

Edited by Peter Pretlove  

-  "The Bourne Connection, or Bourne again" by Dick Pretlove

-  "More about The Bluecoat Schools" by Stella Bond

-   "John West and his involvement in the Plantations of Ulster" by David Bartle

-  "A West Gift boy; Thomas Harrison (1887 - 1918)" by David Millar

-  "In the Genes?" by Barry Smith

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 41 - February 2016

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "What was a Bluecoat school?" by S.Bond

-  "The Corsham Almshouses" by C.Gaught

-  "Elizabeth Steere of Hampton and a poor ancient widow'" by D.Bartle

-  "Jean Fothergill's hero; Sir Robert Belknap" by C.Wood

-  "An unusual gift" by P.Pretlove

-  "Christs Hospital: The 400 year tradition of the royal address" by M.Aldridge

-  "The Bridge" by T.Wilson

 -  And lots more on 12 pages!

Newsletter 40 - Autumn 2015

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Our annual Gathering 2015" by D.Pretlove

-  "2015 Golden days" by S.Bond

-  "The welcome speech at Christ's Hospital on the occasion of our visit " from G.Andrews Clerk and Chief Exec

-  "Who do you think you are?" by A.Harwood

-  "Storytellers of the tribe" by Unknown (Submitted by G.Kimber)

-  "The Blacksmith's daughetr" by T.Wilson

-  "Who's daugher was Jane?" by the late J.Fothergill

-   And lots more on 12 pages!

Newsletter 39 - February 2015

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "A master of charity" by D.Pretlove

-  "Jolly old Englishman cheers Queen's visit" by S.Baker

-  "Christ's Hospital and your invitation " by M.Edwards

-  "Trawling LA for news with the real nightcrawlers; our Randall cousins" by S.Bhattacharya

-  "The Clothworkers' stained glass windows" by P.Pretlove

-  "Pioneer relatives in South Australia" by T.Piper & A.Harwood

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 38 - September 2014

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Our Newbury visitation" by M.Tranter

-  "The Keene family, its relationship to and the influence on the family of John West" by D.Bartle

-  "George Cook - A life cut short at Gallipolli " by G.Nuttall

-  "Sir Robert Belknap is buried here" by J.Fothergill

-  "Gamekeeper or poacher?" by D.Jones

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 37 - March 2014

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Looking forward to seeing you at Newbury" by M.Edwards

-  "Searching for James Part 3 - The story continues..." by A.Harwood

-  "Schola Canotorum reach the finals" by J.Heather

-  "Pigs and progeny: The life of Thomas Garlick of Kintbury" by T.Wilson

-  "George Cook: A life cut short at Gallipoli" by G.Nuttall

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 36 - September 2013

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Our Ludgershall Gathering" by D.Pretlove

-  "Jeanie Balch remembered" by G.Kimber

-  "The West Registers" by J.Heather

-  "Christ's Hospital and West kin" by C.Blackwell

-  "Give us back our eleven days" by T.Wilson

-  "How the charity of Christ's Hospital helped an ancestor on my father's line" by L.Gouldsmith

-  "A huge thank you" by M.Edwards

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 35 - February 2013

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "From England to New England" by A.Harwood

-  "Ludgershall Gathering" by M.Edwards

-  "Stand up you - And they did!" by J.Fothergill

 -  "Stella's snippets" by S.Bond

-  "John West and the Clothworker's company" by R.W.Jones

-  "The pulpit at Canewdon Church" by M.Edwards

-  "The Ledger Stone" by G.Kimber

-   And lots more!

Newsletter 34 - August 2012

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Quainton - Our annual Gathering 2012" by D.Pretlove

-  "St. Mary's the Virgin, Vernham Dean" by C.E.Morrell

-  "The man next door" by J.Fothergill

-  "Stella's snippets" by S.Bond

-  "A big thank you" by M.Edwards

-  "Shouted, or plague, will of Edward Cox the Younger" by J.Heather

-  "The Dormer marbles" by Rev.P.Mears

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 33 - February 2012

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Richard Mason of Vernham Dean" by H.R.Hodd

-  "Stella's Snippets" by S.Bond

-  "The Christ's Hospital link" by A.Wellstead

-  "Are you eligible for a West's pension?"

-  "Drowning at Newbury" by V.Forsdyke

-  "Don't miss the June 2012 Gathering" by M.Edwards

-  "Head scratchings" by P.Pretlove

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 32 - August 2011

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Accent on Aylesbury" by D.Pretlove

-  "The flea and Mrs Frances West" by D.Baker

-  "Stella's snippets" by S.Bond

-  "Visit to Newbury" by G&V.Lofts

-  "Dem Bones" by S.Bond

-  "The Wilkins family and Brown's self-interpreting bible" by M.Curtis

-  "The suicide of a the bluecoat boy" by G.Bartle

-  "Head scratchings" by P.Pretlove

-  And lots more!


Newsletter 31 - February 2011

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "And Hampden, Gent, of Buckinghamshire" by J.Heather

-  "Newbury weekly news 125 years ago" by R.Bailey

-  "Please don't do it" by S.Ching

-  "Aylesbury in June" by M.Edwards

-  "Warrior Randalls" by B.Smith

-  "A very Woolly background" by D.Tavender

-  "Head scratchings" by P.Pretlove

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 30 - August 2010

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Welcome to Wonersh, or our 2010 annual Gathering" by D.Pretlove

-  "Alexander Cox" by D.Bartle

-  "A valuable tip" by M.Bryan

-  "New College, Oxford during the time of John West" by S.Bond

-  "Newbury nuggets" by S.Baker

-  "A kinghthood in the family" by A.Harwood

-  "Head scratchings" by P.Pretlove

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 29 - February 2010

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "John Hampden unearthed" by C.Woods

-  "Wonersh in June" by M.Edwards

-  "Searching for James" by S.Bond

-  "West's gift scheme at Christ's Hospital" by C.Blackwell

-  "From Marlborough to Christ's Hospital - An interview with John Franklin"

-  "St Christopher le Stock" by B.Smerdon

-  "Marlborough gathering" by D.Tavender

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 28 - August 2009

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "The Gathering from the other sdie" by S.Bond

-  "Just the right ingredients" by W.Goodman

-  "Reminiscences of Christs' Hospital - Part 2, London" by V.Lofts

-  "Are we so really different?" by J.Heather

-  "Are state schools really posher than independants?" by M.Shaw

-  "Head scratchings from our Group Secretary" by M.Edwards

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 27 - February 2009

Edited by P.Pretlove

This newsletter contains an important letter from the Chairman to all Members.

-  "The Newbury Mosaic" by R.Sellwood

-  "Think Octopus" by J.Fothergill

-  "The Mother of Frances West" by C.Breadmore

-  "Reminiscences of Christs' Hospital" by V.Lofts

-  "Levelling out the Playing Field" reprinted from the Times Educational Supplement 23rd May 2008

-  "More recollections of Henley" by D.Tavener

-  "Meet the Executive - Our new members" by M.Edwards & P.Williams

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 26 - August 2008

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Stella's swansong" by M. Tranter

-  "With a little bit of luck" by J.Fothergill

-  "John Horace Blight and Hill's fudge" by V. Lofts

-  "Stair's pear" by M.Aldridge

-  Ludgershall remembered by D.Taylor & R.Merry

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 25 - February 2008

Edited by P.Pretlove

This newsletter contains an important letter from the Chairman to all Members.

-  "Under the stars" by V. Ayres

-  "Swept under the carpet" by J.Fothergill

-  "Cousin Valerie" by M. Aldridge

-  "Johanna and family" by E. & D. Baker

-  And lots more!

Newsletter 24 - August 2007

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Twickenham gathering 2007" by S. Bond

-  "Knowing John & Frances West?" by J.Fothergill

-  "A West gift pupil by Natalie Cox" by N.Cox

-  "Analyses of responses to the future of the group report" by D.Bartle

-  "Christ's hospital miscellanea" by V.Lofts

-  "A2A , or a plethoric database" by B.Evans

-  And lots more, in colour, on six pages!

Newsletter 23 - February 2007

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Pedigree registers" by J.Balch

-  "Back to the Armada" by J.Fothergill

-  "Our future - is it assured? Are we ready? Who can help?" by D.Bartle

-  "Dont confuse me with the facts" by J.Heather

-  "Pedigree tales" by M.Beard

-  "The clothworkers' company, John West & the pensions" by D.Baker

-  And lots more, in colour, on six pages!

Newsletter 22 - July 2007

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Annual gathering 2006" by B.Smerdon

-  "Roots" by T.Willis

-  "Of sound and disposing memory" by D.Baker

-  "The Hungerfords" by W.Goodman

-  "Memories of the work of a Hampshire family" by H.Briant

-  "A Faringdon family" by A.Alford

-  "A Window on the Wests?" by J.Fothergill

-  "Frank Brangwyn" by S.Bond

-  And lots more, in colour, on six pages!

Newsletter 21 - February 2006

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "The Master of St Bartholomew's" by M. Aldridge

-  "St Paul's Babes" by J.Fothergill

-  "Sir Robert Belknapp" by C. Morrell

-  "Times of Vestry Shemozzle" by G. Kimber

-  "Found in the Pedigree Books" by G. Kimber

-  "Who was Sarah Rumbold?" by B. Smerdon

-  "A Window on the Wests?" by J.Fothergill

-  "Head scratchings from the Editor" by P.Pretlove

-  Dates for your diary including 2006 Gathering

-  And lots more, in colour, on six pages!

Newsletter 20 - July 2005

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Annual gathering 2005 - Weyhill Fair" by W.Solomon

-  "Pistols for two and coffee for one or who nicked the lead" by J.Fothergill

-  "Pedigree tales: The generation game" by D.Morris

-  "John & Frances West in Newbury mosaic" by P.Pretlove

-  "The mysterious brass plate" by S.Bond

-  "The Berkshire lady" by M.Aldridge

-  "St.Peter Westcheap" by B.Evans

-  "Pedigree tales: Looreka!" by R.Meadows

-  "A last Stare at war?" by C.Wood

-  "Pedigree tales: Walls have ears" by C.Morrell

-  "Head scratchings from the Editor" by P.Pretlove

-  And lots more, in colour, on six pages!

Newsletter 19 - February 2005

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "A poor man's petition" by J.Heather

-  "Nicholas Culley - bargemaster of Tything" by M.Aldridge

-  "St. Ebbe" by K.Pritchard

-  "The mutual information exchange - our publications" by S.Bond

-  "West minutiae (or a taxing piece of research)" by B.Evans

-  "With a little bit of luck" by J.Fothergill

-  "Head scratchings from the Editor" by P.Pretlove

-  And lots more, in colour, on six pages!

Newsletter 18 - July 2004

Edited by P.Pretlove

-  "Annual gathering 2004 - Oxford Town Hall" by D.Morris

-  "New college connections" by J.Heather

-  "Silchester & Jane Randall's house" by J.Fothergill

-  "Christ's Hospital and Longitude - Christ's Hospital on the web" by H.Pritchard

-  "American cousins? - More internet connections" by C.Wood

-  "The early beginnings" by V.Ayres & M.Aldridge

-  "Pedigree tales: How I found the West Family Group" by A.Alford

-  And lots more, in colour, on six pages!

Newsletter 17 - February 2004

Edited by M.Smith

-  "Sarah West - was she really the wife of Richard Mason?" by G.Mason

-  "Curiosities and Nonsense from the early West registers - A sequel" by J.Heather

-  "The Wests of Twickenham" by B.Evans

-  "A snippet from stow's survey of London" by J.Fothergill

-  "Cromwell's head" by C.Wood

-  "Bluecoat boy" by S.Bond

-  "Pedigree tales" by G.Twining

-  And lots more, in colour, on six pages!

Newsletter 16 - August 2003

Edited by M.Smith

-  "The Christ's Hospital Gathering" by B. and R.Miles

-  "Curiosities and Nonsense from the early West registers" by J.Heather

-  "Randall of Vernham Deans Dean 1627 - 1684" by B.Evans

-  "Talk to the West's kin at Christ's Hospital" by E.Stanier

-  "Pedigree tales" by P.Portsmouth

-  "Christ's Hospital - A history of the uniform 1552 - c1900" by N.Sexton

-  "Silchester" by J.Fothergill

-  And lots more, in colour, on six pages!

Newsletter 15 - February 2003

Edited by M.Smith

-  "Adeliza de Lorraine, Queen of England" by D.Baker

-  "Researching briefs on the internet" by B.Evans

-  "Full circle or its a small world" by J.Fothergill

-  "Family group research" by J.Walker

-  "Smith" by B.Smith

-  "Christ's Hospital scholarships and pensions" by M.Smith

-  "Bluecoat boy" by S.Bond

-  And lots more, in colour, on six pages!

Newsletter 14 - August 2002

Edited by M.Smith

-  "The Wallingford gathering" by I.White

-  "The Hungerfords and Upton Scudamore" by M.Smith

-  "Grandad Holdway (Walter Charles Holdway 1856 - 1947)" by M.Wedge

-  "" by H.Pritchard

-  "Stella's snippets" by S.Bond

Newsletter 13 - February 2002

Edited by M.Smith

-  "The wife of Joseph Cooper" by J.Heather

-  "The presentation badge" by J.Balch

-  "John West's godson" by J.Heather

-  "Stella's snippets" by S.Bond


Newsletter 12 - October 2001

Edited by B.Perris

-  "My sister Dormer" by M.Aldridge and B.Evans

-  "Newtown Staff Of Office" Newbury Gazzette article sent in by C. Cox

-  "The cousins meet at Newbury June 2001" by N. Sexton

Newsletter 11 - March 2001

Edited by B.Perris

-  "Sarah - John West's sister or niece?" by M.Aldridge

-  "West's gifts for children - an educational opportunity at Christ's Hospital" by C.Blackwell

-  "Berkshire line" by A.Merritt

Newsletter 10 - August 2000

Edited by B.Perris

-  "Children missing out on school places" Reading Chronicle article sent in by V. Johnstone

-  "City 2000" by S.Bond

-  "It's a small world" by J.Fothergill

Newsletter 9 - February 2000

Edited by B.Perris

-  "Well, do we need a gathering?" by S.Bond

-  "Further West" by M.Aldridge and B.Evans

-  "Help wanted" by J.S.Ching

-  "Colour me - family" by S.Bond

-  "A family story" by K.Pritchard

Newsletter 8 - August 1999

Edited by B.Perris

-  "Do we need a gathering" by S.Bond

-  "My godson West of Hampton" by J.Heather

-  "A turn up for the books" by J.Fothergill

 Newsletter 7 - April 1999

Edited by B.Perris

-  "Sir Richard Choke of Long Ashton" by W.Goodman

-  "There should be one in every family" by J.S.Ching

Newsletter 6 - October 1998

Edited by B.Perris

-  "The Holdways and Doles farm" by I.White

-  "Calling all yellow badgers" by S.Bond

Newsletter 5 - February 1998

Edited by B.Perris

-  "Hungerford - Hussey - Plantagenet" by J.Fothergill

-  "The Holdway House" by B.Perris

-  "My research" by B.Evans

Newsletter 4 - August 1997

Edited by B.Perris

-  "A successful search" by W.Goodman

-  "Information gathered on the Cox family" by J.Balch

Newsletter 3 - February 1997

Edited by B.Perris

-  "A little Xtra from the Halifax" by Alison Burtt

-  "Sir Robert in the soup once more" by J.Fothergill

Newsletter 2 - May 1996

Edited by B.Perris

-  "The Chocques (Choke) family" by J.Fothergill

-  "Pen to paper time" by B.Perris

-  "Schoolboy diet at Christ's Hospital" from the book "Age of elegance" by A.F.Scott

Newsletter 1 - November 1995

Edited by G.Kimber

-  "An unsuccessful search" by J.Fothergill

-  "Description of Christ's Hospital registers" by J.Heather

     -  "Surprise! Surprise!" by F.Vigor